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Below are archived meeting minutes and notes. If you are looking for recent meetings, please click the MEETINGS tab in the top menu.

BEIPC Meeting Minutes

2017 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2009 BEIPC Meeting Minutes
2024 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2016 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2008 BEIPC Meeting Minutes
2023 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2015 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2007 BEIPC Meeting Minutes
2022 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2014 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2006 BEIPC Meeting Minutes
2021 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2013 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2005 BEIPC Meeting Minutes
2020 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2012 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2004 BEIPC Meeting Minutes
2019 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2011 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2003 BEIPC Meeting Minutes
2018 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2010 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2002 BEIPC Meeting Minutes

Citizen Coordinating Council (CCC) 
Meeting Notes

2017 CCC Meeting Notes2011 CCC Meeting Notes2006 CCC Meeting Notes
2016 CCC Meeting Notes2010 CCC Meeting Notes2005 CCC Meeting Notes
2015 CCC Meeting Notes2009 CCC Meeting Notes2004 CCC Meeting Notes
2014 CCC Meeting Notes2008 CCC Meeting Notes2003 CCC Meeting Notes
2013 BEIPC Meeting Minutes2007 CCC Meeting Notes2002 CCC Meeting Notes
2012 BEIPC Meeting Minutes

TLG Conference Call Notes

2014 TLG Call Notes2009 TLG Call Notes2005 TLG Call Notes
2013 TLG Call Notes2008 TLG Call Notes2004 TLG Call Notes
2012 TLG Call Notes2007 TLG Call Notes2003 TLG Call Notes
2011 TLG Call Notes2006 TLG Call Notes2002 TLG Call Notes
2010 TLG Call Notes

Technical Leadership Group (TLG)
Meeting Minutes

2014 TLG Meeting Minutes2010 TLG Meeting Minutes2007 TLG Meeting Minutes
2013 TLG Meeting Minutes2009 TLG Meeting Minutes2006 TLG Meeting Minutes
2012 TLG Meeting Minutes2008 TLG Meeting Minutes2005 TLG Meeting Minutes
2011 TLG Meeting Minutes

Lower Basin Citizen Collaborative (LBC) Meeting Notes

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