BEIPC Meeting Guidelines

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  • The Executive Director is directed to manage these guidelines.
  • The agendas for BEIPC meetings are draft agendas and may be modified by the Commissioners by motion and majority vote at the beginning of the meeting to accommodate unanticipated program and scheduling changes.
  • Parties requesting a scheduled time slot on BEIPC meeting agendas to present technical or other information shall discuss the request with the Executive Director a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the meeting date. If the draft agenda can accommodate the subject matter and time needed for its presentation and at the request of the Executive Director, the requesting party shall forward an electronic copy of the proposal for the item to the Executive Director a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the meeting date. If the item is of a technical nature, the Executive Director will present the technical proposal and or presentation to the TLG for information and review prior to the BEIPC meeting. TLG consideration of the proposal shall not prevent its presentation to the BEIPC.
  • Parties making presentations needing overhead equipment, utilizing Power Point or other projection presentations shall furnish their own equipment or make arrangements with the Executive Director. Projection screens shall be provided by the BEIPC at meeting locations.
  • At each BEIPC meeting, an open public comment and presentation period shall be set aside for any member of the public to make comments and presentations concerning the Basin or issues being discussed by the BEIPC and presenters on the meeting agenda. The Executive Director is responsible for adjusting the public comment periods on the agenda to ensure that the public is afforded the opportunity to comment concerning an issue of discussion at BEIPC meetings. Each presenter shall have a maximum of three (3) minutes to comment or make a presentation. These presentation times will be monitored by the Executive Director. Presenters shall be recognized by the Chair of the BEIPC meeting prior to speaking. If a presenter needs more time, they shall make arrangements with the Executive Director for a scheduled time slot on the agenda.
  • Issues requiring BEIPC discussion and voting such as programs of work, five year work plans, annual work plans, and budget and funding issues shall be presented prior to the final vote on each such issue. The public comment time slot will be managed as outlined above.


Amended 11/19/08

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