Technical Leadership Group

The Technical Leadership Group (TLG)


TLG serves in an advisory capacity to the Basin Commission. It consists of federal, state, local, and tribal representatives serving the governmental entities with regulatory or land management responsibilities in the Coeur d’Alene Basin, that may be affected by remedial actions.

The group advises and provides recommendations on and plans for all duties related to implementation of the Record of Decision and other technical or regulatory issues put forward to the Commission Board. Specific duties, in coordination with the Executive Director, include providing advice on the development of workplans and funding plans, technology development, monitoring, demonstration/pilot projects, establishing remedial priorities, and coordinating with related activities in the Basin.

The TLG will consider citizen input provided through public hearings, meetings, workshops, comment periods, or the Board. The TLG or the Basin Commission Board may also establish ad hoc technical “Project Focus Teams” to lead site-specific remedial design and implementation planning activities or to consider specific regulatory or technical issues of interest to the TLG membership or Basin Commission. Project Focus Teams are composed of a manageably-sized group of individuals having global or project-specific interests in projects or who provide important project expertise.


TLG Organizational Practices and Procedures


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