Bunker Community Involvement


EPA Region 10 conducts outreach activities designed to give people meaningful opportunities to be involved in and informed about the Bunker Hill cleanup. Many community involvement activities are done in partnership with Idaho Department of Environmental Quality and others.


Community Involvement Plan

  • Community Involvement Plan (PDF) (16 pp, 3.5MB) – Updated October 2014 – Learn about how the EPA informs and involves communities in the Coeur d’Alene Basin Cleanup. Ideas from residents, local groups, and community organizations helped shape this plan.

Remedy Protection Projects

  • Keeping Cleaned Up Areas Clean (PDF)(2 pp, 967KB) – Remedy protection is about protecting cleanups from recontamination. Read this document to learn more about these Remedy Protection Projects.

East Fork Ninemile

Coeur d’Alene Basin Facebook Page

Basin Bulletin

EPA Document Reppositories


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