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Citizens Coordinating Council (CCC)


CCC Operational Practices and Procedures


The CCC is the main avenue for public input into the BEIPC activities.

Primary functions:

Support the BEIPC’s implementation of the Record of Decision and related plans to address heavy metal contamination in the CDA Basin by serving as the primary mechanism for citizen input.

Provide comment on proposed Basin Commission one- and five-year work plans prepared by the TLG and Executive Director.

Organize project-specific teams or subcommittees, as needed, to provide citizen input to BEIPC and TLG/PFT work/projects.

Convey the range of citizen concerns and perspectives to the BEIPC Board concerning implementation of the work plans.

With BEIPC support, provide guidance on and help develop community outreach tools to keep citizens informed of BEIPC activities and policies.

Contribute to the preparation of BEIPC annual accomplishment reports, principally community outreach/involvement chapters.

Continually strive to be an open and inclusive body that is capable of representing a diversity and balance of views.

  CCC Meetings
Citizens Discuss Cleanup : The Citizens Coordinating Council hosted a community discussion on April 16, 2014. People met at the Medimont Grange to discuss upcoming cleanup work in the Lower Basin.” (excerpt from the EPA April 2014 Basin Bulletin.)

Citizens Coordinating Council Meeting

The public is invited to attend the next CCC meeting on July 17, 2014
to be held at the Red Light Garage in Wallace at 5:30 - 7:30

How to get involved:

The CCC meets at least quarterly and the public is invited to attend. Scheduling information can be found on the Calendar Page. If you wish to become more involved, you may become a CCC member by returning the Application Form to the BEIPC Executive Director.
Citizens Coordinating Council Application Form

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